Green heat - TPF

Green heat Third Party Financing is an innovative way to improve cost efficiency supply of thermal energy. 

We developed a business model for providing green energy service

UAVs for civilian uses

Toraks embarked on a new and highly innovative field. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are quickly becoming one of the most perspective world flight niches. Toraks is approaching this field from a new point of view. 

UAVs have been mainly dominating in the military field up until now. At Toraks we believe that the time has come to evolve from military to civilian uses! We are confident that the UAVs that we are developing will bring a revolution in many different fields like agriculture, areal observation,...



EasyChem is innovative product for wastewater treatment for camper vans or travel trailers developed in Toraks.


The product is used for emptying waste tanks that are part of chemical toilets. With its design anf functionality, EasyChem provides easy emptying and flushing of waste tank. EasyChem advantages: closed system which prevents splashing arround the area waste tank is washed ony by pressing the foot...